July 28th, 29th and 30th, 2017, in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Alpha 2017

  To everything that was....... 

Prentis Hancock

Paul Morrow
Main Mission Controller

Season 1 
(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)


Anton Phillips

Dr. Bob Mathias

Season 1 & 2
(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)


Pam Rose

 Command Center Operative

Season 2
(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)(WORK SCHEDULE PERMITTING ) 

Suzanne Heimer

Barbara Bain’s Stand-In as well as Background Performer 

Season 1 & 2
(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)


Christopher Penfold


Penfold is perhaps most well known for being one of the brains behind Gerry Anderson's science fiction series Space: 1999. He worked as story consultant for the original series (first 16 episodes of the 24-part series) and is credited for writing 'Guardian of Piri' (based on a script by David Weir), 'Alpha Child' (based on a script by Edward di Lorenzo), 'The Last Sunset', 'War Games', 'Space Brain' and 'Dragon's Domain' for the first series and 'Dorzak' as a freelance contributor for the second. Penfold was uncredited for re-writing the series' premiere 'Breakaway' as well as David Weir's 'Black Sun' and fellow staff member Edward di Lorenzo's 'Missing Link'.[2]
In 2010 Christopher Penfold contributed a foreword to the novel, Space: 1999 Omega and its sequel novel, Space: 1999 Alpha.

Nick Tate

Captain Alan Carter
Chief Eagle Pilot

Season 1 & 2
(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)


Barbara Bain

Chief Medical Officer

"Barbara Bain has received our invitation. She would like to wait until it is a little closer to July before making a decision about joining us. Once she has a better grasp on what her work schedule will be, she will notify us. Her acceptance to Alpha:2017 is now tentative....

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